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As well as all standard tests such as throughput, latency, Range vs Rate, Orientation etc we offer performance tests with 100's of 2.4, 5 and 6GHz WiFi test clients. These can be legacy WiFi standards as well as WiFi5, WiFi6 and 6E and now we also support WiFi7.  We combine this client mix with a mix of real app traffic to closely mimic a real house or enterprise scenario.  We run real apps (data, voice, video ...)  as well as iperf to measure the performance.

We all rely on WiFi.  Enterprise Access points and residential routers are expected to support many different types of connections with no disconnections tolerated and with gaming level performance. 

We validate network performance at scale by connecting 10's, 100's or even 1000's of WiFi clients to the router / gateway / access point and test for good and dropped connections and with real applications traffic. We can tell you if your system will reliably support for example 200 clients running at for example 10Mbps continuously.

1. Product

Our WiCheck product range can be installed at your location for you to use using ready to go built in test cases and with support from our engineers.  

2. Service

Our lab offers testing as a service, TaaS, with a full range of capabilities.  Just ask.

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Why validate WiFi networks under real conditions?

User experience results depend on loading

How many clients?

What mix of clients WiFi technologies? 

What type of clients?

What mix of Applications?

web browse & download



gaming ...

WiCheck systems measure performance under realistic load conditions


All these capabilities can also be supplied as a service from our test lab
Send us your device - we send you the results



Our WiFi7 clients are specially designed for test and are capable of 320 Mhz, 4096 QAM, and Multi-Link Operation.

Key Features of the WiFi7 Module

  • Basic set of 16 clients upgradable to 128 clients

  • Automated Test Pack

  • Sniffer and Debug stats

  • Exportable logs for analysis

  • Clients support WiFi 7 features like 4096 QAM, 320 MHZ, MLO ….


WiCheck 6 and 6E

tests WiFi6 access points & systems

  • 6GHz

  • Verify peak performance under load

  • up to 324 clients per ax Radio Head

  • Real world traffic

  • up to 8x8

  • Ready to go test cases


tests WiFi6 and 6E access points & systems

  • 6Ghz

  • Verify peak performance under load

  • 12 radios each with 2x2 WiFi 6E clients

  • Real clients and real traffic

  • Ready to go test cases

  • Use with WiCheck 6, other WiCheck systems or standalone

ax RH.jpg
11ac RH.jpg
LiNA HQ.png

802.11ax Radio Head

802.11ac Radio Head

WiCheck Lite

Small and mobile WiFi load test 

  • Test access points & WiFi systems

  • On site or on your desk

  • Fully featured

  • 802.11ac and n versions

  • Real world traffic

  • Ready to go test cases

  • POE+ powered

Lite w hand.png

WiCheck V0200

One box high performance WiFi load test 

  • Test access points & WiFi systems

  • Traffic generator and radio in one unit

  • 320 n and ac clients

  • Fully featured

  • Real world traffic

  • Ready to go test cases

V0200 image.png

WiCheck ATF

Test using real devices controlled by WiCheck

  • A single interface allows real clients testing to be integrated with Alethea’s scale test topology.

  • Deploy 100+ real devices along with 1000+ emulated clients to address all testing in one go

  • Interwork with different types of real devices (Android, iOS, Windows, MAC, Linux and IoT devices)

Screenshot 2021-04-29 at 15.27.55.png

Traffic Generator & Data Server

Test using real applications

  • Extensive list of real applications

  • 150+ test cases built in

  • Closed loop test with WiCheck data server

  • External test using internet


Are you looking to test any of these?​​




TR398 Issue 2

Rate vs Range


Band Steering


Mesh Testing




Load balancing



Load test with real applications



Web browse



& other real traffic

Contact us for a demo

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