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Chalkdown started in May 2020 in the Coronavirus pandemic.  We want to offer  our deep experience in sales and operational management of tech businesses.  We are delighted to be working with people we trust at Alethea as our first partner.  Alethea already achieved great success with their WiFi load test systems in the US market and we plan to bring them the success they deserve in Europe.  Their products are first class and we aim to succeed with a combination of their products and our local support for European customers together with a fair and transparent approach to business.

We also provide help to tech based businesses that are scaling up their business in terms of both operations and sales growth.  Getting an MVP or prototype product ready for mass deployment, setting up development, delivery and support operations, implementing CRM and scaling up sales are some of the areas we can support.  See ScaleBox for more information


MD and VP International and EMEA and Europe at various tech businesses including Ascom TEMS (now InfoVista), Aeroflex (Viavi) and LTX Corp.

Experienced in Sales and General management in semiconductor test, test instrumentation, mobile network validation, app crowd data, network test and benchmarking.

Besides the WiFi test business David helps businesses scale up sales by introducing a more systematic approach and processes including CRM

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Experienced Tech COO and Company Director in fintech software and startups with broad experience in influential positions in development of mobile phone networks, mobile phone handsets and test systems at Ascom, Anite and Ericsson.

Grethe thrives on operational scale up challenges in delivery, support and product development as companies hit accelerated growth.

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